Our Vulnerability Assessment services will help to identify known vulnerabilities within your organization, and provide tangible mitigation techniques to improve your security posture. Secure North uses sophisticated tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs), combined with expert technical writers, to provide the most value from our assessment.



Our Penetration Testing services build on a traditional Vulnerability Assessment to help your organization better understand the true risks within your security program. Secure North uses sophisticated TTPs to not only identify vulnerabilities, but demonstrate the true impact to your organization through misuse case analysis. 


Our Red Team Assessments focus on testing the entire security program within your organization by emulating your adversaries' TTPs. Secure North's Red Teaming services will measure your network defenders' ability to detect and respond to real world cyber attacks. These controlled cyber attacks are the only way to test the robustness of your organization's security program.


Our Red Team Exercises provide network defenders with the opportunity to defend a simulated corporate environment from cyber attacks ranging in sophistication. Work hand-in-hand with Secure North's Red Team as we emulate your adversary's TTPs in a closed environment and identify indicators of compromise with network defenders.